The History of Reiki

Holy Fire® Reiki

In January 2014, during a session with one of his spiritual advisors, William Lee Rand was made aware of a healing energy that was more refined and which contained a higher level of consciousness than anything he had previously experienced. During that session, he was given the symbol and the attunement for it and was told to begin teaching it as part of the class he was schedule to teach the very next day. The energy around this experience was so clear and powerful that William trusted what he was told and followed the instructions. The energy guided him through that first teaching experience.

William likes to tell a story of the experience 11 students of his had at the very first Holy Fire Attunement performed once the energy was ready. The Master attunement that day was held outdoors in Hawaii because it was a beautiful warm sunny day at the Maui Center. William led his students in a guided meditation and when the time came for him to stop talking and to turn the experience over to the Holy Fire Reiki, he stood up, went into the Center, and walked to his room to relax and meditate. When he heard the attunement music coming to an end, he came back outside and rejoined the students. 

William asked people to share their thoughts about the experience. Each had his or her own inner experience but one student said that just after William had left the circle, she asked to be given a very definite physical sign so she would know that the attunement had taken place. At that point she and the other students experienced a very strong, forceful wind which also contained strong spiritual energy within it. The wind came around them from behind and as they opened their eyes, the saw a small tornado-like wind encircle the chair William had been sitting in.  

The wind carried many leaves within its vortex and they were all circling rapidly around the chair. The chair, which was a plastic chair, then shot 20-feet straight up into the air, spinning around very fast and was blown across the yard about 100 feet away. While this was happening, the students, having just come out of a deep attunement experience, sat wide-eyed as they watched this event unfold in front of them. One student wanted to find out what the energy of the chair was like so she went to go get it and said that the chair was radiant with energy.

The Tibetan symbols including the Tibetan Master symbol and the Tibetan Fire Serpent as well as the Violet Breath were retired and replaced with the Holy Fire® symbol. All of the Usui symbols including the Power, Mental/Emotional, Distant and Master symbols were retained. The attunement process was changed and renamed to be called an ignition which was for the Master level and then later a Placement process give to William for the Reiki I / II and the first part of the Master level. These new methods of passing on the energy were significantly different, requiring little interaction with the students, yet producing amazing results. The students experienced meaningful healing experiences and were happy to be taking part in something so new and beneficial. This system is easier to learn and to teach and yet works better than any healing method he had been aware of.

It is well known that the attunement energies do not come from the Reiki Master, but are channeled through the Master to the student. However, it has been observed to some extent, that personal energies of the Reiki Master can influence the attunement energy and lower its vibration. To prevent this from happening, the Placement and Ignition process was introduced with Holy Fire® Reiki in which the Master does not interact with the student, but simply conducts a short, guided meditation and then stops talking. During the period when the Master is silent, the Holy Fire® energy conducts the placement or ignition process directly with the student, thus eliminating any negative energy, energy blockages or lowering of the energy vibration that could come from the Master through physical contact.

Additions the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT) has made to the Usui / Holy Fire® system have come from inner guidance and a desire to provide greater value. They were added only after they had been thoroughly tested and were proven to enhance healing. The nature of Reiki energy is that is can adapt itself to our needs; if we accept its help, it can foresee our future and prepare us to meet the challenge of new events, so we’ll be ready to deal with them as they arise. This happened with the pandemic.

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