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It’s June 2023 as I write this and three short years ago, I could not have foreseen where my life path would lead me. At the beginning of 2020 I was still an uninitiated person, completely oblivious to the practice of Reiki energy and the ways this beautiful spiritual path can bless a person’s life. And what a life-changing year 2020 was once the pandemic and the resulting lockdowns rolled in! Thank heavens for Zoom and the unlimited opportunities for remote learning that blossomed in response to the craziness of the world!

Reiki was mentioned to me once in passing 30+ years ago but I was young and uninterested in it at the time. I still had too much of my life in front of me left to live and I couldn’t be bothered to slow down, do some research and find out what Reiki was. I incorrectly thought Reiki was some sort of new-fangled massage technique having something to do with hot rocks. Where I got this bizarre notion from, I have no idea, but it sure makes me laugh to think back on this.  

The women in my family are “sensitive.” My mother and sister are gifted with their own abilities as was my grandmother and in that sense, I am no different. My ability as a Sigma Empath began to grow stronger when I was matriculating at college in the mid-nineties although at the time, I didn’t understand what I was experiencing. I had long been attracted to the metaphysical side of things, drawn to the natural beauty of crystals, precious and semi-precious stones from a very young age. 

In early 2020, a friend of mine who was also a Reiki Master told me that Reiki classes were now being taught online. When I heard that, I got very excited. A few weeks later out of the blue in late April 2020, she forwarded me an email with links to William Lee Rand’s classes and his website, and the rest, as they say, is history. I immediately signed up for a class and then waited on pins and needles until the date the class rolled around which was just three weeks away. Those three weeks couldn’t go by quickly enough for me; I could hardly wait!

I took my first Reiki class in mid-May of 2020 via Zoom with William Lee Rand, developer of Karuna® Reiki, Holy Fire® Reiki and World Peace® Reiki and founder of the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT). Because the lockdowns were in full force, there was really nowhere to go and nothing much to do and, in a way, at least for me, that was somewhat of a blessing. Being stuck at home meant I now had ample time and opportunity to attend virtual classes – something I did not have the bandwidth to handle previously or the luxury to indulge in such activities.

In the days leading up to the class, I was simultaneously hopeful and uncertain. I very much wanted to take the class and receive my attunements, but at the same time, part of me silently wondered, “Yes, but will this process work for me?” I had only very limited abilities with respect to energy healing so I was skeptical but also open-minded. I went into that class with what I believe is a common mindset of, “I’ll believe it when I see it,” or more accurately in the case of Reiki energy, “I’ll believe it when I feel it.” I found out later that I was not the only one attending the class who had these kinds of thoughts.

I’m happy to say that my worry and doubt were for absolute naught. I still remember very clearly what going through my first Reiki attunement felt like and it is a memory I cherish to this day. I didn’t know it at the time, but Reiki gave me a precious gift that day. The attunement opened my Heart Chakra. Yeah, yeah, trust me, I know how hokey and “woo-ish” this sounds and had I not gone through and had this experience personally, I might disbelieve my story too. I never could have imagined that something like this would happen to me but I’m so very grateful that it did. 

Ever since that day, every day I wake up and I’m blessedly aware of whether or not my Heart Chakra is open or closed and if it’s open, just how far open it is. It’s a wonderful feeling that I have difficulty capturing, putting clearly into words and accurately describing for people who cannot or do not feel their Heart Chakras. The more open my Heart Chakra is, the more exquisitely blissful it feels so, as you can imagine, I want it to be as open as possible and I absolutely love getting to feel it when it expands and opens even wider! Looking back, it is clear to me that this was Reiki’s special gift to me, as if receiving the ability to send and receive Reiki healing energy wasn’t already enough of a gift to begin with! Perhaps it is because I want everybody to feel what I feel in my Heart Chakra that ultimately led me to teach Reiki, attune others to Reiki healing energy and spread its blessings.

Six months after I took my first Reiki I / II class in mid-May 2020, I took the Reiki III Master class in early December 2020. Six months after that, in mid-June 2021, I took the Karuna Reiki Master class. I attended all of my classes via Zoom with William and I’ve never looked back. I have taken several other Reiki classes since then and it seems I can never learn enough about Reiki. I’m always reading manuals, articles, magazines and books about it. Even though I have a wealth of first-hand experience with it now, I’m still utterly fascinated by it.  

My interest in energy healing modalities continues to grow, leading me in new, often surprising and unexpected directions and my learning never ends. Fast-forward three years and I’ve transitioned out of a job as an Administrative Assistant to an Attorney and into doing something I love: teaching Reiki to others. I adore getting to initiate students into Reiki at the beginning of their journey where Reiki is concerned and watch them bloom and grow as it guides them on their respective life journeys. 


Western Lineage: 

05/17/2020 - Reiki I / II Certification - William Lee Rand (ICRT)

12/06/2020 - Reiki III Master Certification - William Lee Rand (ICRT)

06/16/2021 - Karuna Reiki Master Certification - William Lee Rand (ICRT)

03/12/2023 - Animal Reiki I / II Certification - Coleen Benelli, Robyn Benelli & Sioux Strong (ICRT)


07/25/2023 - Ho'oponopono Certification - Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len & Dr. Joe Vitale


10/07/2023 - Seraphim Healing - Level 1 - Michelle Sclafani Tolson

01/01/2024 - Seraphim Sacred Geometry - Level 2 - Michelle Sclafani Tolson

01/07/2024 - Seraphim Manifestation - Level 3 - Michelle Sclafani Tolson

02/18/2024 - Seraphim Cosmic Splendor - Level 4 - Michelle Sclafani Tolson

03/10/2024 - Seraphim Planetary Healing - Level 5 - Michelle Sclafani Tolson

04/13/2024 - Seraphim Grace & Union - Level 6 - Michelle Sclafani Tolson

05/03/2024 - Seraphim Aqua Dynamics - Michelle Sclafani Tolson

06/16/2024 - Seraphim Healing Advanced - Michelle Sclafani Tolson


10/30/2023 - Divine Biosphere - John Chandler

01/28/2024 - Divine Immunity - John Chandler

02/17/2024 & 05/19/2024 - Blue Rain of Concentrated Divine Love with White Light Upgrade - John Chandler


11/05/2023 - Potentiation Electromagnetic Repatterning – 1st DNA Activation - Sol & Leigh Luckman

04/11/2024 - Articulation Bioenergy Enhancement – 2nd DNA Activation - Sol & Leigh Luckman

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