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ReikiStyle: online seller of custom made surrogate dolls for Reiki distance sessions offered in two sizes - small and medium. Dolls are usually designed in brightly colored fabrics / patterns without facial features. The dolls are reasonable priced but do not fold up and travel as well or as easily as those made by KatiesDolls (listed below). Purchase options include the ability to order and download just the fabric doll pattern or to purchase just the pre-made, unstuffed outer shell fabric of the doll which you can then stuff yourself. I do not know if her dolls are machine washable or not. This seller also specializes in custom orders. currently offers a cuddly Reiki TeddyBear which can be used to send distant Reiki to others. It can also be charged with Reiki and given to a child, student or client as a gift. It comes with a Reiki T-shirt with the saying "Don't Worry, Do Reiki" as shown on their website.

KatiesDolls: Amazon seller of NDT jointed fabric therapy dolls in three different sizes - small, medium and large. Some of her dolls have facial features like eyes / mouth while others do not. Her dolls come in a wide variety of skin-tone colors so you can request a specific skin-tone color that appeals to you. Her dolls are also easy to travel with as they fold up and pack really well into suitcases of all sizes. They are NOT machine washable and are on the more expensive side; however, if you'd like to embellish your surrogate doll with your own stylish touches, one of the dolls from this seller might be just the way to go. currently offers a Reiki Fleece Jacket in six unisex sizes. The jacket features the embroidered logo and Kanji of the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT). It also features zippered pockets with reverse coil zipper in front. currently offers a wide variety of Reiki tables, a folding stool, a rolling stool, a table skate, an Earthlite Table Cart and disposable headrest covers to be used in conjunction with Reiki tables. online seller of several types of products, including their Rainbow Mats which are designed with a combination of beneficial therapies including hot stone therapy, far-infrared therapy, negative ion therapy, pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy which all work in conjunction together to help ground, balance and cleanse the Chakras, heal the body and eliminate pain. currently offers a piece of cutting-edge, scientific software that visually shows someone before & after energetic measurements of their chakras, analyzes the biofield for disruptions of energy and educates customers about their biorhythms and how their emotional, physical, and mental cycles can influence their decision-making to name just a few features and functions of this amazing software. offers several free printable versions of the Reiki Ideals, Chakra posters and Spiritual wall art among other things.

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