Usui / Tibetan Reiki

William’s first Reiki Master teacher, Diane McCumber, learned Reiki from Arthur Robertson and was taught both the Takata-style Usui system and the Raku Kei system. William learned both styles from her in 1989, but at that time Diane taught mainly the Raku Kei system. Later the same year, he also learned the Usui system from Marlene Schilke, who had also learned from Arthur Robertson. In 1989, William developed the Usui / Tibetan style of Reiki by combining the Usui and Raku Kei systems. This system kept the four Usui symbols as taught by Takata Sensei and added the Tibetan symbols and the Violet Breath technique as taught Arthur Robertson for a total of six symbols. William taught this system of Reiki from the beginning of his teaching practice in June 1989 through 2013.   

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