Can Reiki Heal Physical Pain? Reiki for Chronic Pain and Illness

Posted on Sept 20th, 2023.

In the realm of holistic healing, Reiki stands out as a practice that has garnered attention for its potential to address various physical and emotional issues.  

It's not uncommon for people to wonder: can Reiki heal physical pain? 

In this exploration, we'll delve into the world of Reiki, its underlying philosophy, and how it may offer relief for chronic pain and illness.

Read on to discover an alternative path to healing.

The Healing Essence of Reiki

Reiki is a holistic healing technique that originated in Japan and is based on the idea that a Reiki master can channel universal life energy to the recipient through touch or by acting as a conduit. At its core, Reiki revolves around the concept of energy, specifically the notion that a person's energy plays a pivotal role in their overall well-being.

The underlying philosophy of Reiki suggests that when a person's energy is low or blocked, they are more likely to feel physically unwell and experience feelings of stress. Conversely, when their energy is high and flows freely, they are better equipped to experience happiness and overall wellness. This foundational belief sets the stage for Reiki's approach to addressing physical pain and chronic illnesses.

How Does Reiki Help with Physical Pain?

Chronic pain can be a persistent and challenging companion, affecting various aspects of life. In this section, we'll delve into the ways in which Reiki, a holistic healing practice, offers support and relief for physical pain, including exploring how Reiki can be a valuable addition to your journey towards pain management and overall wellness.

1. Easing Tension and Stress

Chronic pain often goes hand in hand with increased tension and stress. Reiki sessions are designed to promote relaxation and reduce stress by facilitating the flow of positive energy throughout the body. When the recipient is in a state of deep relaxation, the body's natural healing mechanisms may be enhanced, potentially reducing pain perception.

2. Balancing Energy Centers

Referred to as Chakras, Reiki practitioners often focus on balancing the body's energy centers. When these energy centers are balanced and harmonious, it can lead to an improved sense of physical and emotional well-being. While Reiki may not directly target physical pain, the restoration of balance in the body's energy systems can contribute to overall pain relief.

3. Enhancing Mind-Body Connection

Reiki encourages individuals to become conscious of their mind-body connection. By fostering a heightened awareness of one's own body, Reiki recipients may gain insights into the root causes of their physical pain or chronic illness. This self-awareness can be a crucial step toward better managing and addressing health concerns.

4. Promoting a Sense of Peace

Chronic pain and illness can take a toll not only on the body but also on the mind. Reiki aims to promote inner peace and emotional well-being. This sense of peace can be immensely beneficial for individuals navigating the challenges of living with physical pain or chronic conditions.

How to Use Reiki for Chronic Pain and Illness

Integrating Reiki into your wellness routine for chronic pain and illness – especially illnesses such as cancer, which can benefit from a holistic approach – requires a thoughtful approach. It is essential to understand that Reiki is not a replacement for traditional medical treatment but rather a complimentary practice that can enhance your overall well-being. 

Here's how you can effectively use Reiki in conjunction with conventional medicine:

1. Consult with Medical Professionals

First and foremost, consult with your healthcare provider about your chronic pain or illness. Maintain open communication and follow their recommended treatment plan. Reiki should be seen as a supportive component of your healthcare journey, and your medical team should be aware of any complimentary therapies you intend to pursue.

2. Find a Qualified Reiki Practitioner

Choose a qualified Reiki practitioner who has undergone proper training and certification. They can work in harmony with your healthcare team to provide holistic support. Discuss your medical condition, pain management goals, and treatment plan with your Reiki practitioner to ensure a personalized and safe approach.

3. Set Clear Intentions

Before a Reiki session, set clear intentions for what you hope to achieve. Whether it's pain relief, stress reduction, or enhanced well-being, communicating your goals to your Reiki practitioner can help them tailor the session to your specific needs.

4. Regular Reiki Sessions

Consistency is key. Schedule regular Reiki sessions to maintain the benefits over time. The frequency and duration of sessions may vary based on your condition and individual response. Discuss this with your Reiki practitioner to create a suitable schedule.

5. Be Patient and Open-Minded

Reiki's effects may not always be immediately apparent. Be patient with the process, and keep an open mind about the potential benefits. Some individuals experience profound changes after just a few sessions, while others may require more time.

6. Monitor and Communicate

Continuously monitor your progress and communicate with both your Reiki practitioner and healthcare provider. Share any improvements or changes in your condition to ensure that your treatment plan remains aligned with your evolving needs.

7. Holistic Well-Being

Embrace Reiki as a part of your holistic approach to well-being. It can contribute to relaxation, pain relief, and emotional support, complimenting the efforts of conventional medicine.


In summary, while Reiki may not always guarantee to cure an illnesses or diseases, it offers a holistic approach to addressing physical pain and chronic conditions. By focusing on energy balance, relaxation, and promoting a sense of peace, Reiki can compliment conventional medical treatment and enhance your overall wellness.

At Everyday Miracles Reiki, we believe in the potential of Reiki to contribute positively to your well-being. 

If you're seeking relief from physical pain or coping with chronic illness, we invite you to contact us and discover the benefits of Reiki. Our experienced Reiki practitioners are here to support you on your journey to better health and greater peace of mind and the first session is complimentary. 

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