Finding Lost Objects with Reiki: A 6-Step Guide

Posted on June 14th, 2024.

Losing important items can be frustrating and time-consuming. Keys, jewelry, documents, cellphone, earbuds, debit-card—we've all experienced the sinking feeling of realizing something essential is missing. Thankfully, Reiki, a powerful energy healing technique, offers a unique approach to help locate lost objects efficiently.

Understanding Reiki and Its Application for Finding Lost Objects

Reiki is a holistic healing method that channels universal life force energy through the practitioner to the recipient, promoting balance and healing on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. 

Reiki practitioners believe that everything, including objects, has its own energy or vibration. When an item is lost, its energy may become scattered or disconnected from its usual surroundings. Through Reiki, practitioners can focus their intention and channel healing energy towards establishing a subtle connection with the lost object's energy signature.

Reiki taps into this energy to create a connection between the seeker and the missing item. It harnesses universal life force energy (also known as "ki" or "chi") to facilitate a link between the practitioner's intention and the location or retrieval of the lost object.

In essence, Reiki practitioners perceive themselves as facilitators of energy flow, helping to harmonize and restore the energetic balance between the seeker and the lost object. This process aligns with the holistic principles of Reiki, where healing is not limited to physical ailments but extends to various aspects of life, including the retrieval of lost items through energetic alignment and intention.

Step-by-Step Guide to Finding Lost Objects with Reiki

Prepare Your Space

Finding a quiet, comfortable space is essential for effective Reiki practice. Choose a location where you can sit undisturbed and relax. This environment allows you to focus your energy and intention without distractions. Take a moment to settle into a comfortable seated position, ensuring your back is straight and your posture relaxed. Close your eyes and take several deep breaths, inhaling deeply through your nose and exhaling slowly through your mouth. This helps to calm your mind and center your energy for the practice ahead.

Write Down the Object

Take a piece of clean, white paper and a pen. Write down the name or description of the lost object clearly and legibly in the center of the paper. The act of writing helps to solidify your intention and focus your energy on the specific item you are seeking. Visualize the object in your mind as you write, imagining its shape, color, weight and any distinguishing features that can assist in its identification.

Activate the Distance Treatment Symbol

Now, focus on activating the Distance Treatment symbol (HSZSN) in Reiki if you have it. Draw this symbol on the paper near the written description of the object. As you draw, mentally repeat the symbol's name three times: "HSZSN, HSZSN, HSZSN." This symbol transcends physical barriers and connects you with the energy of the lost object, regardless of its location. Visualize a subtle thread of energy extending from your heart to the object, establishing a gentle but powerful connection.

Invoke the Power Symbol

Next, verbally repeat the name or description of the object three times aloud. For example, "Car keys, car keys, car keys" or "Gold necklace, gold necklace, gold necklace." This verbal repetition further strengthens your intention and directs the Reiki energy towards locating the object. Ask the Reiki symbols, including the Power symbol (CKR) and universal life force energy to guide you to the precise location of the lost item. Feel the energy of your words resonating with the vibration of the object's energy signature.

Seal with the Mental Healing Symbol

Draw the Mental Healing symbol (SHK), on the paper near the other symbols and the written description of the object. As you draw, repeat the name of the symbol three times silently: "SHK, SHK, SHK." This symbol enhances clarity, intuition, and healing, reinforcing your intention to find the lost object. Visualize the object surrounded by a gentle, healing light, making it easier for you to recognize its presence when it comes into your awareness.

What to Do After Performing Reiki for Finding Lost Objects

After completing the process to find a lost object, it's important to understand what typically follows and how to interpret the outcomes:

  1. Placement of the Paper: Once you've performed these steps, including writing down the object's name, drawing Reiki symbols, and setting your intention, place the paper in a secure location in a place of honor. For example, if you have one, you can place the paper on your Reiki grid or similar spiritually-focused altar. This action symbolizes trust in the process and acknowledges the energetic connection you've established with the object.
  2. Continuing Your Day: After completing the Reiki session, resume your daily activities without dwelling excessively on the lost item. Trust that the energetic work you've done is actively supporting the process of locating the object.
  3. Potential Outcomes: Reiki practitioners often experience one of two main outcomes after performing Reiki for finding lost objects:
  • Discovery of the Object: You may unexpectedly stumble upon the lost object in a place you had already searched or in an entirely new location that seems significant or meaningful. This occurrence reinforces the belief that Reiki has facilitated the object's return through energetic alignment.
  • Recollection of Location: Alternatively, you might suddenly remember where the object is located, even if it's not in your immediate vicinity. This spontaneous recall is seen as a result of heightened awareness and intuitive guidance provided by Reiki. Alternatively, you may also receive an mental image from the Reiki energy as to which room or a specific location to look in.
  1. Trust in the Process: Regardless of the specific outcome, maintaining trust in the process is essential. Understand that Reiki operates beyond conventional methods of searching and relies on subtle energies and universal guidance. Remaining open to these possibilities enhances the effectiveness of Reiki for finding lost objects.
  2. Intuitive Guidance: Pay attention to any intuitive nudges or feelings that may arise after the Reiki session. These subtle signals could provide further clues or insights into the whereabouts of the lost object.

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