Reiki-Related Apps

Dragonfly Reiki Marketplace - Dragonfly Reiki Marketplace is an app and online marketplace platform that makes accessing the healing power of Reiki meaningful and easy - in a way that fits your busy schedule and evolving personal needs.

Reiki Timer by Pamela Miles - As a Reiki professional since 1986, Pamela is always encouraging Reiki students to practice regularly so they can feel better no matter what challenges they might be facing. She knows an easy-to-use, easy-to-customize Reiki timer makes it easier to practice on oneself—most important!—as well as on family and friends. And it’s a huge support for teachers holding classes and events. She couldn’t find a timer with the ease and customization needed to inspire people to practice, so she designed this one to be the Timer of your Dreams!

myReiki: Reiki Timer and Music - If you are looking for a Reiki Timer app for your Reiki sessions or you need to play relaxing music from your device for music therapy with this app you can use it as a complement with some of their meditation timers or yoga timers. If you don't have your own music don't worry, they have included some default Reiki healing music.

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