Reiki Retreats & Conferences

International Reiki Retreat - (Sedona, AZ., U.S.) - held annually, usually in September or October. 

Journey to Where it all Began - A Pilgrimage to Japan for Students of any level of Reiki, Japan Reiki Tours (Fundraiser tours for Reiki Centers of America and its projects) (Kyoto, Japan) - held annually in April.

Reiki Japan - Learn Reiki in Japan, Kyoto Retreats (Kyoto, Japan) - retreats offered multiple times each year.

Northeast Reiki Retreat - (Silver Bay, N.Y., U.S.) - held annually in early May.

The Way of Reiki Retreat - (Cheltenham, U.K.) - held annually in September.

The Wisdom of Reiki Conference - (Rhinebeck, N.Y., U.S.) - held annually in July.

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